“She thinks people who are busy working for a living deserve beautiful little stories, because they don’t have much time and are often tired. She has in mind a book that can be opened at any page and will still make sense to the reader who doesn’t know what came before or comes after.” -Cisneros

Got Rich Off A Mixtape.

Got Rich Off A Mixtape.

To be clear, I’m referring to my books as mixtapes from here on out. Obviously, I didn’t get rich  or I would have my assistant (who is also a puppy) typing this up right now. But, I did drop a couple mixtapes this year and I want to explain how. This will be quick and simple because I have to get back to working on getting rich. 


The number one question I usually receive is, "Did you self publish your book?" 

- That question would throw me off in the beginning because it sounds way more fancy than I believed my process to be but, technically yes. I didn't have a manager or use any type of publishing house and I also didn't use a self-publishing site like Amazon either. I have nothing against those sites and programs, I honestly just didn't see the point. The idea of random people buying my books sounds great but I figured my audience would be people that knew me and liked my humor. I thought why not just slang these books myself on my website? 

The collections aren't very traditional so people usually ask "What inspired you to release a book in this way?"

I was seeing a lot of artists release Zine's, which I thought was super cool and cute! I wanted to make something like that but I don't work with visual mediums. But I do write. And I have stories on stories on stories already written. So I called up my friend's Adrian and Morgan to brain storm. By the end of the conversation, we came up with the books you're (hopefully) purchasing today. 

This is how they were created: 


My friends Kameron and Adrian formatted my book for me in a program called InDesign. I got my ideas for the layout from Pinterest. Since my book was only going to be about 20 pages, I searched for visuals of poetry books and zine's. After that, I looked for fonts on and chose the one that went with my theme. I kept the layout pretty simple because I didn't have anything to pay my friends in other than gum. Once they finished with the project, they exported it as a jpeg.


The company I used to print the book is ARTIFACT UPRISING and they actually print photo books. So that's why we needed to upload it as a jpeg. It ended up coming out really nice.  There are other websites that will let you upload your work and you can format it within their program. I was looking at amazon when I was thinking about doing an ebook and they had a program that formats for you as well. Artifact uprising is kind of pricey so I would try to google and find cheaper ones maybe in your area or online. 


As I said, printing can be a little pricey so, you have to decide if you're really looking to make some sort of profit and adjust the price of your book accordingly. Going into making the books, I just wanted to get my work out there and break even so that's how I decided on the price of my books. Ebooks are also a cheaper option, but my main goal was to create something physical. Depending on the size of your audience, you might want to go with pre sale if the cost of printing is too expensive for you to buy outright. I was able to purchase the books first and sell them because I saved up to do that. But it's not necessary.

Final Words

My major advice and this will go along with self care tips, is to do one thing at a time. I know sometimes it feels like you should go ahead and handle certain things that need to be done right away, but it will probably just overwhelm you. Once all the stories were picked out and edited (By a trusted friend by the way.), then I went into working on the lay out. After that, I looked into printing. My website wasn't set up until a week before I sold them.  I didn't want to worry myself with that until I had an actual book sample. Of course you know the way you work best and what you can handle, but I truly feel like that made the whole process enjoyable and stress free.

Stay focused on the task at hand and move on to the next one. Eventually it will all be done! I hope this helped. Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm new to this and learning as I go, so I'm always happy to help. If you have anymore questions about marketing and/or packaging I can write up a separate post on that as well. 

My Top 5 books of 2017

My Top 5 books of 2017