“She thinks people who are busy working for a living deserve beautiful little stories, because they don’t have much time and are often tired. She has in mind a book that can be opened at any page and will still make sense to the reader who doesn’t know what came before or comes after.”

It’s pronounced Kin-Day-See. Hopefully that helps. I’m a writer and also a DIY Queen. I have written, designed and self-published a total of four books. Most of my time is spent studying and teaching myself new skill sets in order to elevate each story I’m lucky enough to share with another human.

I am the daughter of two entrepreneurs who work with their hands - I understand hard work, personal responsibility and I know how to create beautiful things with minimal resources.

Overall, I have a passion for storytelling that delights and makes everyone feel seen.

You can find me on Instagram @kyndacee. I’ve been told (by 3 people) that my IG stories are "EVERYTHING".